Zero implant fractures in 2830 Thommen Medical implants over 2–6 years of follow-up*

The aim of this study was to perform an analysis of the incidence of implant body fracture and to identify possible risk factors. A long-term follow-up retrospective evaluation of 3477 patients who received 8588 implants from five implant systems was performed. Overall, 2810 patients who received 7502 implants, with an average follow-up of 6.9 years, were included in the analysis.

The overall body fracture rate was 0.49% (37/7502), among which 32.4% (12/37) were implants with a reduced diameter. The estimated cumulative fracture rate was 1.24%.

Fractures were observed in two patients with three Brånemark implants, 13 patients with 15 Nobel Replace implants, eight patients with eight Camlog implants, eight patients with 11 Ankylos implants, and none of the patients with Thommen implants. Most fractures occurred in the molar region (29/37) and in single implant-supported restorations (30/37).