Basic Surgical Kit

The Basic Surgical Kit combines the eight most essential instruments of the TOUCHGRIP line in one tray. This gives you optimum conditions for successful surgical procedures according to the protocols
by Prof. Huerzeler and Dr. Zuhr.
Instead of making a strict distinction between micro- and macrosurgical applications, clinicians can now choose one kit that is suitable for all indications. The instrument kit meets the highest quality standards and is still cost-effective.

368 eur

Micro Forceps

Anatomical and surgical micro-forceps have been combined into one instrument to reduce the number of instruments needed and thus the frequency of instrument changes while suturing. These micro forceps are shaped like anatomical forceps with surgical-forcep tips. If slight pressure is applied to the instrument handles, only the anterior part of the forceps will close. This allows surgeons to hold the tissue with minimal trauma during preparation or suturing, since the anatomical part of the forceps with its flatter end is not yet closed. Only once higher pressure is applied will the elongated suture plateau of this part of the instrument close, thus permitting a safe hold and knotting of the very delicate 6-0 and 7-0 microsurgical sutures.


553 EUR

Micro Spring Scissors

A curved pair of micro scissors with pointed working ends has proven ideal for periodontal microsurgery. Until now it was impossible to create an instrument that incorporated both suture scissors and tissue scissors. The TOUCHGRIP micro scissors’ new design, however, now makes this possible. It can be used to make controlled cuts into soft tissues and to remove granulation tissue from the inside of the flap, but its primary function is cutting off the suture. To facilitate rotational movements, the micro scissors’ handles have been given a round shape, but the curved lines have no impact on the surface grip of the instrument.


298 eur

Micro Scalpel Handle

With traditional scalpel blades, it is impossible to make precise incisions without any loss of tissue. This is especially true in interproximal areas with bad access and in scalloping gingival tissues with a high and narrow profile at teeth with small diameter. The TOUCHGRIP scalpel handle has a round cross-section and an anti-skid surface. It is designed to accommodate microsurgical scalpel blades. Tunnel blades and the Microblade SR by Keydent are the best tools for use in periodontal surgery.


780 eur

Micro Needle Holder

To enable precise control of the microsurgical sutures used in periodontal surgery, you need an instrument that firmly grips fine needles of different sizes without bending them. The TOUCHGRIP micro needle holder fulfills this requirement, and its slender arms are still delicate enough to ensure optimum access to interproximal areas. The working end is reinforced with a newly developed carbide insert to reduce wear and to optimize the support for the needle.


171 eur

Papilla Elevator

The papilla elevator is a disk-shaped, double-ended instrument with single-edged tips of different diameter. It allows for the preparation of fine tissues with a minimum of trauma, which is of particular importance in the interproximal area, where conventional instruments make this nearly impossible. For interdental incisions, which are usually made buccally in modified access flaps, the papilla elevator allows surgeons to raise the interdental tissues completely. This makes a substantial contribution to preserving such structures.


171 eur

Tunneling Knife

This combined tunneling instrument has sharp curette-shaped working ends. The newly developed tunneling knife strongly minimizes the risk of perforation with buccal split-thickness flaps. Moreover, its use ensures improved wound healing and can even provide improved esthetic results. The straight tip is mainly used in the maxilla, especially where a tunneling technique is required for larger areas of keratinized gingiva. The angled tip can be used to prepare a tunnel in the mandible, especially in the buccal region. In addition, the angulation allows surgeons to twist the instrument so they can make incisions into interproximal areas.



187 eur

Palatal Periosteal Elevator

The palatal raspatory by TOUCHGRIP provides a straight and an angled working end. The straight tip is used for the preparation of buccal and palatal full-thickness flaps while the angled tip is excellently suited for creating a Tinti flap and harvesting autografts from the tuberosity.


101 eur

Scalpel Handle for standard blades

This scalpel handle is round and accommodates #12D, 15C and 15 blades. It enables you to make especially precise and controlled incisions.



The pioneering instruments for oral surgeons and dentists

In this video Professor Dr. Hürzeler explains the instruments in detail, talks about their purpose and the advantages that other instruments do not offer. It also describes the long and intensive development process that makes the Touchgrip instruments what they are today: the pioneering instruments for oral surgeons and dentists.






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