Dental Bone Collector

Dental Bone Collector

Triple Blade

The triple-blade drill is a great option to facilitate the collection of autogenous bone in regenerative procedures. Among its differentials, it is worth mentioning three blades that provide greater efficiency in collecting autogenous bone and less trepidation and greater precision during the collection procedure in the donor bed. Furthermore, the association of autogenous bone with bone substitutes enhances the clinical results of grafting procedures due to the osteogenic and osteoinductive potential of autogenous bone associated with the osteoconductive potential of the bone substitute. So make your autogenous bone collecting procedure more predictable



Made of surgical stainless steel with DLC coating I ASTM F899 440
Diameter: 5.0mm
Fitting: Contra Angle
Rotation speed: 50~300 rpm
Up to 50 rpm without irrigation
Above 100 rpm with irrigation

Durability: ~25 Procedures



The method of use of the product and surgical techniques are inherent to the training of the professional.
Handling should be minimal and with care. Do not proceed with the use without first checking the cleaning con
ditions of the product. Handle the product properly, considering the limitations of the material. Pay attention to the instructions for use before proceeding with the necessary operations.
During the procedure, avoid tilting or washing: always use at 90 in the access region.

Avoid excessive pressure at all times. High pressure can overheat and lead to thermal necrosis. In extreme ca
ses, the failure of the instrument cannot be deleted.


To avoid unwanted overheating, make sure there is enough irrigation. Material not discharged can lead to a de
crease in its performance and lead to an increase in temperature.

Up to 50 rpm without irrigation I Above 100 rpm with irrigation
Higher rotation
= smaller granules
Lower rotation
= bigger granules

The use of external irrigation (drip) during surgery will reduce the possibility of thermal necrosis.


Made of PEEK, it integrates the advantages of extreme biocompatibility, excellent mechanical profile and withs
tand high temperatures.

Dental Bone Collector

117 EURDental Bone Collector DLC ø 5 mm05128


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