Fixation system


Compact and versatile it was specially designed to meet all the requirements of advanced implantology.
The new layout of our fixation set consists of a complete kit that contains all the necessary instru
ments for insertion and installation of our bone and tent screws.
It is produced with precise tolerances to ensure the easy pick-up of screws, stable transfer to the
surgical site and rapid engagement in the maxilla or mandible


Storage tray

  • Autoclavable Tecapro™ Due to a special stabilization process, Tecapro™ shows a better resistance to higher temperatures than standard polypropylene.
  • Good resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants.
  • Can be repeatedly sterilised with hot steam.


Set Fixation

  • Manual ScrewDriver Torque 13066
  • Manual ScrewDriver (Ratchet) Short I Philips Connection 13129
  • Manual ScrewDriver (Ratchet) Long I Philips Connection 13130
  • Manual ScrewDriver (Ratchet) Short I Square Connection 13061
  • Helicoidal Drills 1,0 x 15 mm 5051
  • Helicoidal Drills 1,2 x 15 mm 5053
  • Helicoidal Drills 1,4 x 15 mm 5055
  • Helicoidal Drills 1,6 x 15 mm 5057
  • Contra-Angle Driver Short I Philips Connection 13132
  • Contra-Angle Driver Long I Philips Connection 13133
  • Contra-Angle Driver Short I Square Connection 13032
  • Installation rod I Philips + Square Connection 13127
  • Screwdriver handle 13085


Bionnovation bone screws

Bionnovation bone screws are self-drilling and self-perforation, has a conical end and cylindrical body with excellent screw retention;

  • Diameters: 3.2 mm / 4.0 mm
  • Connections: philips / cruciform
  • Made of titanium alloy 6Al4V
  • Drilling speed: 200 rpm
  • Placement speed: 30 rpm


“Umbrella technique”

The screws with expanded heads are also used to perform the “umbrella technique” because of their similarity to an umbrella.
Its main function is to help in the
stabilization of the graft, avoiding excessive forces on the grafted material and its micro movement. Also known as a “tent” but with different characteristics from the current tent screws.




The prices do not include VAT

576 EUR

Bone screw

The prices do not include VAT

20 EUR/piecePrice for the purchase of 1 piece
15 EUR/piecePrice for the purchase of 10 pieces
13 EUR/piecePrice for the purchase of 20 pieces


Tent screw

Dental Bone Collector

Corticalle drill

Socket shield kit

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