Surgery motors


The latest generation of implant motors

Precision, reliability and safety in one device, the IMPLANT-X Led PLUS!

  • Lightweight and ergonomic contra-angle with LED backlight to reduce your fatigue during complex surgeries.
  • Intuitive user interface with pre-recorded and editable programs.
  • Large color touch screen with representative visuals of procedures.
  • High performance Swiss motor. Ultra quiet, it guarantees a torque of 80 N/cm on the contra-angle.
  • Automatic torque control according to bone density.
  • Multifunctional foot pedal for hands-free aseptization operations.
  • Quiet and easy to connect peristaltic pump feeding system.
  • Autoclavable contra-angle and flexible cable.




When you buy 40 Thommen Medical implants at list price
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Woodpecker implantology motor with contra-angle with light.
Thommen Medical surgical cassette with ceramic drills.




Piezosurgery Unit – Surgery X

Woodpecker presents 3rd generation piezosurgery unit with high cutting efficiency for minimally invasive bone cutting during various maxillofacial surgeries.
Its high-performance handpiece with stable frequency provides high accuracy and efficient micron cutting

  • Precise cutting with no harm to soft tissue e.g. blood vessels, mucous membrane, etc.
  • 2 LED handpiece with the latest sealing technology for no loss of performance come with the unit.
  • Micron cutting for faster healing & less post-operative trauma.
  • 14 Versatile tips come along with the unit for various osteotomy procedures.
  • Cold cutting mode i.e. less heat production saves tissue from necrosis.
  • Clear 7-inch touch screen with easy to disinfect.
  • Multifunctional foot control for asepsis operation.
  • Gold plated tips with a long time of endurance which is wear-resistant.
  • Various clinical applications e.g. osteotomy procedures, osteoplasty, sinus lift, apicectomy, ankylosed tooth sectioning, impacted tooth removal, ridge split, etc.


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Piezosurgery Unit – Surgery X.
Thommen Medical surgical cassette with ceramic drills.







Implant Motor MD 11

  • 4 programs for drilling, cutting threads, screwing in the implant and placing the cover screw.
  • Motor speed range of 300 – 40’000 rpm.
  • Integrated pump system for cooling the instrument to avoid tissue damage.
  • 70 Ncm of maximum torque with the 20:1 contra angle and graphical, real time torque control.
  • Sturdy, high quality design and finish.
  • Handpiece 20:1 or  32:1.

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  • Nouvag Implant Motor MD 11
  • Thommen Medical surgical cassette with ceramic drills.





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