Tent screw

tent screw

This is a screw for GBR use developed to make it easier to maintain the specs for bone formation and to attach a membrane when a wide-scale or horizontal/vertical strengthening is necessary. Tent Screws DM were designed to be self-drilling and threading, they are fully polished, they have a large enough diameter to efficiently stabilize absorbable or non-absorbable barriers avoiding lateral displacement or intrusion for vertical or horizontal bone reconstructions. It has an active tip and efficient wounds enter the bone tissue and guarantee excellent stability even without the use of drills, except for cortical bone.

  • Made with Titanium 6Al 4V ASTM F136.
  • The tent screw is implanted or removed using the square connection drivers and the healing cap for the tent screw is tightened or removed using the philips connection drivers.
  • Available Length: 6 . 9 . 12 . 15 mm




                             square connection   /   philips connection

tent screw

The prices do not include VAT

51 EURTent screw DM 6,0 mm 07444
51 EURTent screw DM 9,0 mm07445
51 EURTent screw DM 12,0 mm07446
51 EUR Tent screw DM 15,0 mm07447
23 EURManual screwdriver torque13066
23 EURDriver handle short/long (philips) 13129/13130
23 EURDriver handle (square) 13061


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