Master-Pin-Control Basic

by Prof. Istvan Urban

The Master-Pin-Control is designed especially for the fixation of resorbable, non-resorbable and titanium reinforced membranes. The included pins consist of titanium alloy Grade 5 and have a groove which increases the surface of the pins.
Due to the groove and a unique
head-design, the pins can be loosened easily and safely which is especially important after a successful healing period. With their sharp tip and very stable shank, they can easily and precisely be inserted into dense cortical bone.

At a glance

No bending, no breakage – Safe Fixation of Membranes with Pins made of Titanium Alloy Grade 5
Sharp tip and high stability of the pins allow for precise placement of the pins also in cortical bone and at an angle
Easy Removal from the tray and placement of the pins due to the specially developed Pin-Holder
Instruments for the placement of Bleeding Points for optimal healing conditions

Master-Pin-Control Basic

The prices do not include VAT

761 EUR
Master-Pin-Control BasicBMPBA
10 pins


The prices do not include VAT

33 EUR
Surgical Mallet

Meisinger – pins

The prices do not include VAT

Meisinger – pins – 10 pieces/box134 EUR13 EUR/piece
3 boxes (30 pieces)377 EUR12 EUR/piece
6 boxes (60 pieces)728 EUR12 EUR/piece
9 boxes (90 pieces)1056 EUR12 EUR/piece
10 boxes (100 pieces)1132 EUR11 EUR/piece



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